Zhangquan Hardware Co., Ltd, founded in 1998, is situated in the Kunshan Economic and Development Area of the beautiful Province Jiangsu, China. The production plant takes up 24,770 squared meters of the total area of 100,000 squared meters, with an investment of 55 million US dollars. It is the perfect combination of Chinese hard working tradition and Taiwanese corporate culture management experience.

Zhangquan Hardware Co., Ltd is part of the Chang Yee Group, which also includes headquarter Chang Yee Steel Co., Ltd. in Taiwan and Chang Tai Steel Co., Ltd in Guangdong.

Zhangquan Hardware Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in auto parts and fitness equipment parts manufacturing, special tube processing, steel coil cutting, and steel tube production. It is the most important subsidiary of Chang Yee Taiwan, which was ranked among 1000 large enterprises of Taiwan. Following the tradition of Chang Yee, Zhangquan maintains the same steady and practical style.

With each step forward, Zhangquan will cultivate every potential market. Merging resources from all companies in the Chang Yee group, Zhangquan will unceasingly advance process technology, strengthen personnel training, provide excellent service quality to customers’ satisfaction and thrive towards the goal of becoming a complete steel department.

Company History

1981:Chang Yee Steel Co., Ltd was founded in Changhua, Taiwan (www.changyee.com)
1993:Zhang Tai Steel Co., Ltd was founded in Qingxi Dongguan, China (www.dgctmetal.com)
1998:Wan Yi Hardware Co., Ltd was founded in Kunshan, China
2008:Zhangquan Hardware Co., Ltd was built in Kunshan Economic and Development Area, Jiangsu Province, China
2012:Zhangquan Hardware Co., Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of ISO/TS 16949